Season with pain!

05.22.2013 · Posted in Travel

what happened: i slammed super hard on my neck three years ago and somehow my neck never really healed up.  last october the pain in my neck came back! i thought after my season i am going to get it fixed, so i was snowboarding almost every day with a weird pain in my neck! you cannot stop your season before your season has started- for sure you could but i couldn’t. then in february i overshot a jump and i slammed super hard on my shoulder! i never really went to the doctor to get it checked and as i wrote before, my plan was to get it fixed when my season is over. after that i flew to the us for one month to get some more shots but it was more fighting the pain as to get some stuff done.  two or three days after i came back from my us trip- i woke up and i couldn’t move my head and that was the moment where i decided that i have to visit a doctor!

short update about my body feeling and therapies:

the therapies are going well but longer then i thought and its not over yet!

i have still lots of pain in my neck and shoulder and every week two or three times therapy!

my shoulder was good after i got a cortisone injection three weeks ago but i started training to early so the pain in my shoulder came back and now i have to start over again!

regarding my neck: last saturday i went to get some mri pictures because my doctor in swiss said, the healing process takes way to long and maybe we have to change the treatment after we now whats really going on with my neck!

i hope its going to get better soon- because iam getting over it!

all the best

p.s big thx to martin kessler ( physiotherapist) and to dr. bruno gröbli ( chiropractor) for trying to heal me up!

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  1. klatscho says:

    guate besserig!

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