Russia / Kamchatka – what a trip!

04.19.2014 · Posted in Travel
short update about my russia / kamchatka trip!
what a trip! from seeing nice nature ( ocean, volcanos, lot’s of mountains) to getting hurt two times in three weeks! we got super unlucky on our trip. the snow was the most of the time super bad so we couldn’t do not much! after the first crash were i hurt my neck ( came to short on a gap jump)- i rested 8 days and after that i tried snowboarding again, it worked out till i twisted my knee on a jump! after that slam i tried to get home as fast as possible to get my knee check out! i was not super happy to hear that i cracked some ligaments in my knee!
season end – i will be back in no time ( three month)
enjoy spring riding!


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