Mt. Baker

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hi guys!
just came back from my trip to us! i have to say it was not really my best trip! we got super unlucky with the weather!
i arrived on the 7th in bellingham. when i arrived it started raining in baker for almost 8 days! in those 8 days i was two times on the mountain-snowboarding in rain ( it was fun). in those 8 days we tried out our sled’s and justin realized that his sled died ( no way to fix it and no way to travel around-bummer) after that it started snowing crazy, almost to much! it stayed good for three days and then its started raining again for one day and after that it snowed a little bit but not really a lot! in those three days i shot two days with the pirates and one day with 686 ( team shooting)! the good thing we shot a story for snowboard with tim pearce and i good some stuff with 686 ( ad, some action) so the trip was not for nothing! regarding my shoulder: still have pain. i could no even start my sled-  thx to fredi for starting it up all the time!



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i am back home from my trip to japan!

short story about the trip! my first filming day started not how i expected it! i tried to jump through some trees and i knew that further down were some more trees in my run out! first try was mellow but the on the second try the landing spit me out, directly into the trees! you can trust me it was a hell of a slam!!! i had to go to the hospital to get some stitches and now i have a little scar above my eye! at the next day my snowboarding felt a little bit weird but after some jumps i got used to it again!  from that time on we snowboarder 5 days- one day off and then another 7days with lots of hiking! from my point of few it was one of the best and productive trips ever but super exhausting time for my body! last words: everybody who got the change to travel to japan should do it! the people there are so amazing, helpful, such a nice country!!!! check out the photos, they tell more the words!

shredd on!

WORLD-PREMIERE of our new movie UNIQUE8!

09.17.2012 · Posted in Travel

short flashback about the last weekend! we had our world premiere in innsbruck/austria of our new movie UNIQUE8!

thursday: ludschi our art director was organizing a pirate art show -where they showed some art from the isolation camp from 2012! already thursday night was busy with people. we had around 300 visitors at the show!

friday: world premiere of unique 8, big up to jocki for organizing this event! it was the first time that we showed our movie in a cinema theater! jocki had to book three cinemas to get every body stoked! he said to me 850 people watched the movie!  after the cinema premiere we had two parties going on in two different locations!
saturday: second stop dornbirn/vorarlberg- home premiere! the bar or night club was totally booked out! the crowed was unbelievable- party till 6 in the morning!
it was a banging weekend!
we have a few more stops around the world, if you have time- check one premiere out!

Training/ Contest weekend- Mountain-trial Bormio!

09.03.2012 · Posted in Travel
mountain trial bormio:
two and a half days mountain trial biking in bormio/ italy!
amazing training’s trip with my local friends ( leo, knickl, pingi, potzi)!
it was a crazy trip:  two and a half days trail biking from around 8am till 7pm, around 14 hours on the bike, around 20 liter’s of gas, between 10 000-15000 altitude differences over the 2,5 days,! each of us had to carry 2liters of extra gas! without the extra gas it wouldn’t be possible to race the whole day and get not stuck somewhere on the mountain! crazy experience- thx boys for the good moments!