01.29.2013 · Posted in Travel


i am back home from my trip to japan!

short story about the trip! my first filming day started not how i expected it! i tried to jump through some trees and i knew that further down were some more trees in my run out! first try was mellow but the on the second try the landing spit me out, directly into the trees! you can trust me it was a hell of a slam!!! i had to go to the hospital to get some stitches and now i have a little scar above my eye! at the next day my snowboarding felt a little bit weird but after some jumps i got used to it again!  from that time on we snowboarder 5 days- one day off and then another 7days with lots of hiking! from my point of few it was one of the best and productive trips ever but super exhausting time for my body! last words: everybody who got the change to travel to japan should do it! the people there are so amazing, helpful, such a nice country!!!! check out the photos, they tell more the words!

shredd on!

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