I started engraving in the year of 2010. I got sick in the early summer last year and it took over 3 months to heal. During this period I was not allowed to practice any sort of sports or physical activities. One day I found a engraving machine in my dad’s workshop and I decided to give it a try, it didn’t turn out too bad so I kept doing it. Soon I realized that my little attempt to step in the world of Art helped me forgetting about my sickness by focusing on something creative and positive. Now that I am back snowboarding full time, I try to find time between my travel schedule to grave as much as I can. Check it out and stay tuned !

For those who are interested in my Art, i also sell my pieces and if you have any special wishes for your own engraving picture or you wanna have a nice birthday present for someone. Do not hesitate and sent me a mail ! I can do it for your!