about me

After my career as a snowboard professional, I discovered engraving as a new professional passion for myself.

The first attempts I started with an old device from my father's workshop on metal plates and brought "pictures to metal".

Engraving is a bit like tattooing - just not on the skin, but on all sorts of materials. The creative process I immerse in is similar to snowboarding for me: the idea starts in the head, you prepare yourself and work your way to getting there step by step - and at the moment when the engraver is set, it works therefore to be in flux with oneself and the material.

The craft itself has always had a special meaning for me.

I am engraving, I always discover something new - experiment with different techniques and materials. Every time I am amazed from what can be processed - metal, glass, stone, ceramic up to leather.

Often, new requests come from customers who are looking for a special gifts opens new possiblities. I have already gained a lot of experience in engraving motorcycle parts.

But also pictures, knives, lighters, weapons, door or shields, inlays in wood, engravings on glass and stone are possible. Even leather can be individually decorated, for example: money wallets.

Regarding the motives, almost everything is possible - no matter if photos, logos, self-drawn, ... here I am completely according to the wishes of the customers!