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There always has to be a first time! Banked Fever in Gargellen!

On 2nd of april we’re going to race through a natural basin, man-made course, „Old School Style“! The course is set up in Gargellen at Schafberg and the race starts at 10:00 am. Riders of all ages, rookies and experts, can show their skills.

Early this season I realized that there are so many talents out there. It would be cool to bring some of them together in a true snowboard event which is not about freestyle or freeriding but snowboarding. In some conversation Marco „Fichtl“ Feichtner came up with the idea of a banked slalom and I immediately knew what to do. So here we go now. Hope to see you there.

As we have a maximum number of 80 competitors please make sure to register in advance on our website


Michael Lippitsch

Rainweg 2

6774 Tschagguns

+43 650 4825705


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he ho!

after talking over hours we had three plan’s going on , first plan zillertal, second plan italy and third plan montafon! we took the third plan and we got super lucky! the crew: werni stock, ludschi ( photo dog) bob ( filmer and i! about montafon ( my home spot) after years of having a pirate apartment in the valley we shooted a lot of stuff there but over the last years there was not much going on, so i was super happy to shot again in my valley. befor the guys showed up i already know what spot’s we are going to shot!  we spent 5 days on the mountain, we shooted on four days and one day shoveling! the days were super intense. waking up every morning at 7am, whole day on the mountain ( it was super warm), back home at 5pm, bad time 9:30pm and that for 5days ( tons of hiking)! we had tons of fun, tons of shots and really good snow! super sick 5days- thx guys for this amazing time!! bigup!

thx to MÄ and RedBull for the JIBMUNKS competition!

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hi guys!

short update about my weekend: i traveled with thomas feuerstein to  grindelwald to ride the jibmunks contest! thx to mä and redbull for this event. it was fun and it was nice to see everybody again ( gogl, jules, fritschi, beckna, reto, seppi and so many others)! about my riding: i had super hart times on my board- lots of pain in my boots!! not fun at all but i survived it!!


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hi guys!

iam on my way back from my 1,5month trip to us!

short overview from my trip! i hope you had time to checkout the three blogs what we did- if not- check out or!

i traveled to the us on the 4th of january to start shooting for the new pirate movie. it was on of my best trips in my whole snowboarding carrier!
we found tons of snow, crazy nice terrain ( perfect for my riding style), super nice and mellow crew! sledding in one meter of powder ( so much fun)and so fucked up if you get stuck! super nice people ( helpful ,friendly!  we stayed the most of the time in bill’s house ( such a sick spot)! the not so fun part of my trip: it was cold as hell( we had between -20 &-35 degrees for some days) since this days iam not feeling my front of my right toe! lots of slednecks ( two or more spots got tracked by those guys!!  today is the 14th of feb. and iam happy to travel back home to get some resting days!

i am for sure traveling back to this spot!!

big thx to justin for showing us around and organizing everything!

US PIRATE TRIP feb2011-3

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The Long Haul

When you’re on a long haul (meaning you are working away from home for a while),  having friends in the places you visit helps out with homesickness.  At the moment, we’re feeling lucky to be in a place where we are surrounded with rad folks.

We met Hjalmar during the first part of our stay here.  He works in the park at Big Sky ski resort and was kind enough to extended a day of riding to us. His timing couldn’t have been better. After two weeks on the snowmobile rodeo circuit, we were very happy to have the opportunity to let our mechanical horses rest and ride lifts.  Alot of times when we are filming, we don’t get warm-up runs, or feel our boards for more than the few seconds. Going to a ski resort and taking runs is a good way to mix things up and get some much needed riding time.

Anyway, we ended up cutting the rug at Big Sky with some of Bozeman’s  finest.  Nathaniel,  Brian, Jess, Chaundera, and Hjelmar showed us the ropes – the ones you can duck, and the ones you can’t, as well as where we could line up some airtime. The mountain has alot to offer, and if you know where to zig and zag to avoid leaving your base on the rocks, you can get into lines as narrow and steep as you like.

Montana happens to be famous for its „cold smoke“ – light, dry powder that will have you all choked up when it gets deep.  We’ve got a bit in our lungs right now after a second dose rolled in on some northwesterly flow.  At this point we are daily users and might be addicted.

The thermometer read  -34 F this morning when it was time to start our sleds.  Those kind of temps will sober any junkie up.  If you’re toes go numb, you’ve had a bit too much and it’s time to take a break!

Much thanks to Big Sky Resort for a most enjoyable day on the mountain.



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The Mountain Menu by JHare

„Hello, I’m January, I’ll be your server today. Have you had a chance to look over the menu? Our special today is an ice encrusted landing, with a tweaked tendon truffle. Your choice of sides are: clouds with snow showers, avalanche a la mode, or a broken down snowmobile. What can I get for you today?“

„Lets see. I think I’ll try a sunny powder day with no avalanche danger and a side of stomps please.“

„I’m sorry, we’re all out of those. I’ll ask the chef to whip up something just for you.“

„Uhmmm…. ok.“

We all know the ingredients that make up our favorite meal. Certain tastes make our mouths water, while others are a little hard to swallow. So what will it be? Feast or famine? Is it chow time, or are we on the Jenny Craig diet for the next week? In the end, the mountain puts the food on our plate, and despite the somewhat undependable service, we always seem to come back for more.

This time around the food was in our favor. Snow for 14 days, with some sun for dessert. Bon appetit. Compare it to stumbling into an „all you can eat“ buffet when you have the munchies. The crew went back for seconds, thirds, fourths even. It’s as if the mountains have been trying to fatten up our bag of tricks.

Wondering if there are any leftovers? Sorry, we don’t feel like sharing.

what a cool text- thx  JuStIn!- stay tuned for some more season updates!