12.08.2011 · Posted in Travel
short update about my trip to LA!
pic’s are telling more then words- check it out!
686’s 20 year anniversary -salesmeeting! i think everybody had a great time in LA! one week of getting one or two drinks to much ;-)!  met some old and new friends! one day we shot my video clip ( about my color up plexus jacket). three days of sales meeting- sitting around and watching the new clothing’s- i can tell you, you guys are going to be stoked about the new line. after the sales meeting on saturday we did a three or four hours bicycle trip from redondo beach to venice beach! thx to 686 for this amazing time!  shred on!
photo big up to stephane grenet!

lät crüw- trail sunday!

11.18.2011 · Posted in Travel


i bought my first motor trail two years ago!  i have to say its a super sick sport but not easy to learn! my friends already started some years back and this summer every body of the crew( lät crüw) spent some hours on there motor trails thats why we organized a little trail contest! it started around 10 in the morning- some barbecue was going on, drinking beer, at night we had a little bonfire ! i would say it was a perfect sunday!