Marco Feichtner

a.k.a. „Fichtl“

DATE OF BIRTH: 11. April 1983
HOME SWEET HOME: Austria – St. Gallenkirch

My name is Marco Feichtner – my friends call me Fichtl. I am 31 years old and my passion is snowboarding. (That’s me in the short – for a little longer info about me just read on…) I started snowboarding at the age of 12 on a hill in my parents‘ backyard, since my first successful turns and jumps I fell in love with this sport. Living in the middle of the Alps made it possible for me to improve my riding as there are some great mountains. My professional career started just after the ‚legendary‘ Scandinavian roundtrip with some friends which later lead to the formation of the ‚Pirates‘. Most of the time I spend riding in the backcountry filming and not hanging around on competitions.

When I am not spending time on my board, there are a lot of other things I like to do. Nature is the place to be – therefore, I am doing some downhill biking, Moto Trial biking as well as rock climbing. When I am home, I like to tear down walls and build them up again (nicer looking ones of course) 😉

If I would not have gotten the opportunity to shred all most of my time, I would probably still work as a locksmith, have a wife, three kids and a dog.

For the upcoming season I am planning to shoot with the Pirates again as well as some other movie projects. I will also spend most of my time travelling around looking for the nicest powder runs.

Hopefully, the ones who didn’t know me before got to know me a little better by now!

Have fun on my homepage – enjoy your life!

All the best,

Marco Feichtner