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Its time to say good bye after 13 years as a pro snowboarder! for sure i never gonna stop snowboarding so you will find me up on the mountain 😉 thx to my long time sponsors: RIDE Snowboards Europe Ride Snowboards Deeluxe Snowboardboots LeVeL Gloves Slytech Protection Shred Optics 686 Coal Headwear Pirate Movie Production Sajas with out you guys this career never would have last so long- big thx! all friends what i have met over this time- we will cross our ways again! I am not sure what else i should write down- it s been an amazing time and something new is gonna come!

Different Direction released the trailer for this years movie ‚Gold for the Soul‘ – my last movie part!
Good times with Sebi Geiger Lukas Ellensohn Joris Doorn Simon Pircher Sebi Madlener Theo Acworth -thx!

linke to the trailer:

season end

Snowboarding life

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Hi guys!

Sorry that i was lazy with keeping you updated about my snowboarding life!
As you know, two years ago i fucked up my knee and after the surgery i had big problems with it. In 2015 i decided to take it a little bit easier because of my knee and there i got the change to go filming with the Different Direction crew and since that i am a part of it.

Stay tuned & have fun snowboarding!

Snowboard, Powder

Shred Optics

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Nashua, N.H. (25 March 2015) – At SHRED OPTICS we are psyched to welcome Marco Feichtner to the family, who has been a long time rider of another Anomaly Action Sports brand, SLYTECH PROTECTION. For years, Marco has been putting out heavy parts with Pirates for years, and we are psyched to have him representing all Anomaly Action Sports brands, SHRED OPTICS and SLYTECH PROTECTION joining a team stacked with talent, which includes Victor de Le Rue, Romain de Marchi, JP Solberg, Benji Ritchie, Kent Callister, Stephan Mauer, Lucas Baume, and Nicholas Wolken.

Snowboard Business Development Manager, Alvaro Vogel said, “What can really be said about Marco that his riding doesn’t? He’s just a super talented snowboarder. Marco is probably one of the hardest workers in the snowboard scene. He has over ten full parts under his belt – no fillers, no lifestyle shots, only bangers! Marco is a true backcountry snowboarder and we are more than happy to welcome him to the team!”

On joining the SHRED OPTICS family, Marco shared, “I joined the family because I have been riding for SLYTECH for many years, and I know firsthand how focused everyone at the company is on progression and supporting riders. But the most important thing is the goggles; they are just amazing! The quality of both SHRED OPTICS and SLYTECH PROTECTION products is unreal. SLYTECH has already saved me many times. I have tested the SHRED goggles in every weather condition, and there is no situation where they aren’t perfect.”

CMO/CFO, Federico Merle shared, “Adding Marco to the SHRED OPTICS team is amazing as it affirms the direction of the brands and the impact we have on our athletes. Marco has been one of our favorite riders to watch throughout his years as a SLYTECH athlete, and now having him, as part of the SHRED OPTICS family as we continue our assault on the commonplace through our seamless integration of style and performance, will be great watching him drop heavy part after part.”

Co-founder and lead product engineer, Carlo Salmini, let on, “Our product progression and design is truly driven by our athletes’ input and their interaction with our design team. I’ve had the opportunity to work with Marco on SLYTECH for a few years already, so I am super excited to be able to also work with him on Shred’s product technology and style. It is going to be a fun ride, welcome on board Marco!”


Russia / Kamchatka – what a trip!

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short update about my russia / kamchatka trip!
what a trip! from seeing nice nature ( ocean, volcanos, lot’s of mountains) to getting hurt two times in three weeks! we got super unlucky on our trip. the snow was the most of the time super bad so we couldn’t do not much! after the first crash were i hurt my neck ( came to short on a gap jump)- i rested 8 days and after that i tried snowboarding again, it worked out till i twisted my knee on a jump! after that slam i tried to get home as fast as possible to get my knee check out! i was not super happy to hear that i cracked some ligaments in my knee!
season end – i will be back in no time ( three month)
enjoy spring riding!


legendary mt. baker banked slalom

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hi guys!

short update from my trip to the legendary mt. baker banked slalom as well from the 686 team trip!

it was a hectic start! my flight from munich to washington dc had a delay of 40 minutes! i arrived at the airport at 16:30 and my boarding time to seattle was at 16:35! i was the first guy at the customs and no one was there, after i got through the customs i had to wait for my bags before i could try to catch my flight to seattle ( pain in the ass) after running and sweating my ass off, luckily i catched my flight to seattle!

my friend pat from 686 and his wife bethany picked me up at the airport and we drove to there’s place in bellingham! two days later pat, brent and i drove up to glacier where pat hath his mountain house!

i have to say it was the best trip in the last ten years for me- no cameras, no stress to get shots, i had some beers with old friends, friends what i met over the last years as well i met some new people. i had some really cool snowboarding days with friends and being a part of the 29th banked slalom was unreal for me! the organizer’s told us: 1200 people tried to get a spot at this years banked slalom!

i always dreamed to race at this soul snowboarding event and this year- thx to 686- i was part of this legendary banked slalom! they said: because of the snow conditions it was the craziest banked slalom in 29 years! i have been to backer a few times now but i never have seen baker with this less of snow! at the racing weekend we had -15 degrees and the track was ice like hell!

i was so impressed how everybody was waxing there boards or some other guys brought two boards to the starting spot! i had nothing to loose and maybe my waxing job was not that pro as someone else’s but i qualified on saturday for the finally on sunday! i felt super happy that i could race on the final day, so i had to go out for some beers to celebrate that i can race on the next day ;-)! it was a fun night with friends! on the final day every rider had to race two times through the ice track! i am used to powder and i was super stoked that i survived that icy weekend with out any painful moments! this year i got the rank 36 and i will be back next year for the 30th legendary banked slalom — !

after the weekend we had a day off before the 686 shooting was going down! it was so cool to meet sammy luebke, such a funny kid! we had some good days of shooting maybe not the best snow to get lots of action shots but we shot ton’s of photos with the new 686 glcr line!
thx to pat, bethany, brent, sammy, mike, jenni…….. for an awesome time!!!
stay tuned for some more updates!
all the best

hunting for snow!

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hi guys!

how are you doing?!

first trip of the new season- hunting for snow!

i have to tell you it wasn’t a easy season start for me! after new year i got sick so i had to stay in the bed for one week! after i got the ok from the doctor, my trip started on the 12th of january ‚ hunting for snow‘ ! i drove with our photographer ( alex papis) to our first stop to italy to meet up with our filmer mau as well with my riding friend fredrik evensen! the base at the first stop was insane but the snow had a crusty layer on top so we couldn’t do not much! we tried some more spots but we got not really lucky with the weather conditions ( lots of wind……) after three days watching weather maps we desisted to travel to east tirol to find better snow there!  i remember first day riding in between trees i got a little bit frustrated because the snow base was not good enough to do big stuff! the day after we tried another ski resort but the weather got super warm, on 2200meter around + 3 degrees. after that day we had to find a new location with better snow, so we did a few phone calls as well we check some more weather maps. at the next day we packed the cars and we drove to south tirol and there we found good snow and we could finally start shooting for the new pirates movie!

upcoming plans!

i am traveling tomorrow to italy for some more shooting days before i am flying over to the us!
about us: 686 invited me to ride the mt baker banked slalom ( super stoked about that) as well i am doing some shooting with 686 for the time i am there! i will be back home around the 15th of feb.!

stay tuned for some more updates!

all the best


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another year of trying to surf-now i know again how salt water taste ;-)! great times with my friends from zillertal!

stay tuned for some more updates!